Video Specialist / Video Technician Wanted

Video Specialist / Video Technician Wanted
Rock The House 2 reviews
Cleveland, OH
Act as on-site technician for assigned events. Set and/or focus screens, projectors, and LED video walls. Mastery in Video and proficient in Audio, Lighting,…
Desired Experience: Customer Service, Microsoft Office | click here

Video Teleconference Technician Wanted

Video Teleconference Technician Wanted
Keyport, WA
$75,000 – $85,000 a year
Manage and schedule the daily operation of corporate Video Teleconferencing systems. BridgeGapTechnologies, LLC is looking for a VTC technician for a contract…
Desired Experience: SSCP, CompTIA Security+ | click here

Video Hub Technician Wanted

Video Hub Technician Wanted
Verizon 19,559 reviews
Buffalo, NY 14222 (Delaware-West Ferry area)
$1,525 – $1,706 a week
Video Hub Technician SI. Analog/digital video, audio and multi-channel experience. Surveillance of our video broadcast network and equipment… | click here

“Internet of Things (IoT) Security in Smart Home Devices”

Internet of Things (IoT) Security in Smart Home Devices | #TpromoCom #IoT #Hacker #Hackers | 25 insights from testing 50 devices on the market in 2015. Download this report now: click here. (scroll down for more)

Internet of Things (IoT) Security in Smart Home Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to devices that can send or receive data automatically, without being prompted by human interaction. Examples are cars that notify drivers of low tire pressure, a security system notifying the home owner, or smart thermostats maintaining optimum home temperature based on outside weather.

These devices have very low security protocols. While attackers or hackers have not found a way to profit from taking control of devices yet, it is only a matter of time. The most common access points are through the cloud or the home Wi-Fi Ethernet network. Device owners can protect themselves by:

  • Ensuring strong security protocols and encryption on the home network
  • Changing default passwords
  • Disabling unneeded features or features not in use
  • Avoid secondhand (and therefore potentially compromised) devices
  • Install updates as they become available.

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Schools, businesses turn to non-lethal solutions for active shooter mitigation

Schools, businesses turn to non-lethal solutions for active shooter mitigation | #TpromoCom #School #Shooter #Mitigation | As part of an effort to bridge the gap between arming people and doing nothing, some are now advocating for the use of non-lethal weapons to help neutralize active shooters. A bill recently introduced in Michigan, for example, would enable teachers in the state to arm themselves with pepper spray and Tasers.  (scroll down)

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This is like taking a knife to a gun fight! –Al Colombo

One company that is working to outfit schools and private organizations across the nation with a similar non-lethal option is Alternative Defense Strategies. Based in the Cleveland-area in Ohio, the company has developed a self-defense solution dubbed “Safe Zone,” which features a canister of patented pepper gel spray that can be used to disorient a shooter or other violent attacker.